Group Fitness News Flash:


New Classes:


Boot Camp:

This class will challenge both the body and mind. Once inside there is no escape. You're endurance, natural strength, and determination to finish will be tested. It's oriented around being able to master one's own body. The chamber is blended together with high intensity, aerobic circuits, and full body conditioning. There will be sweat, pain, and fulfillment. Do you have what it takes to “Enter the Chamber”

Free class all through September (Only one class per week allowed.) 

Instructor: Carlos


Kickboxing  Melt Down:

An all new “Melt Down” kickboxing program designed as the perfect workout for a total body performance.  This program is unlike any other.  No special tricks, nothing fancy, just good clean energy which will absolutely shred your body of unwanted weight while toning your muscle groups right down to the core.

Free class all through September (Only one class per week allowed.)  

Instructor: Hector


Schedule Changes:


  • Zumba with Kia: Thursday 7-8 & Sunday 9-10 (starts on the 7th)

  • Yoga with Janel: Friday 11:30 - 12:30 (starts on the 15th)