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Our team of experienced personal trainers is available to assist you in setting and attaining your personal fitness goals. A one on one, or two on one, session allows each workout to be custom tailored to meet your individual needs. 


Personal Training sessions can be purchased a la carte or in a package. For more information on our Personal Training sessions, or to schedule your free consultation, please stop by the front desk


Sky Performance

Carlos Morales
USAPL Powerlifter, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT, American Sports & Fitness Association), CPR/AED Certified (American Red Cross)


Carlos has been in and around the fitness and athletic world for the past 5 years. Beginning with track and field, basketball, and advancing through more competitive sports such as wrestling and powerlifting. He is familiar with sport specific training as well as general exercise in relation to individuals looking to progress through all fitness levels. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a competitive athlete, Carlos can design a program that promotes a healthy lifestyle while helping you achieve your goals.

Erin Sullivan Personal Trainer for SkyClub Fitness and Spa
New Carlos PR @ 408 lbs

     Underground Training (UGT) - Sky Performance

UGT has teamed up with Sky Performance to offer the most all around experience an athlete can experience.  UGT can be found within this amazing facility, offering professional Group Training, Pool and Personal Training.

Preston's Bio:


Preston's fitness journey began in 2008 with a simple paradigm

shift.  At the time, he was following the conventional wisdom of the

bodybuilding routine (along with cardio) for general fitness. 

However, the limited success he achieved inspired him to look



This is when he became acquainted with the concept of functional

fitness, focusing on movement patterns rather than individual

muscles, and performance rather than appearance.  The result was not

only a dramatic improvement in overall physique, but a body that was

ready for any challenge. 


Preston's method utilizes exercises from a variety of disciplines

including powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit methodology,

kettlebell exercises, bodyweight and calisthenics in order to create

a holistic and versatile training program for a number of goals, 

Whether the plan is to perform better, look better or simply live





Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists® (CSCS®) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance. Learn more about becoming a strength and conditioning coach with the NSCA certification! Visit for more information on strength.